2008 Pollinator Conference

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UMASS Campus Center
October 3 and 4, 2008

Conference objectives:

  • To provide up to date information on pollinator issues; pollinator status, threats, and research methods.
  • To inform landowners and managers about practices which sustain pollinators.
  • To inform participants about existing outreach efforts, including partnerships, citizen science, and education.

The Conference was open to the public. Scientists, naturalists, concerned citizens, educators, local, state and national agencies, and non-governmental organizations that manage lands, and farmers and gardeners were invited to participate.

List of Conference Speakers and Bios
Conference Agenda
Conference Poster

The following are a few of the presentations converted to PDF.  These materials are for viewing only and are not to be copied or used in any way without permission of the credited authors.

Special Dinner Event
Friday Evening, Oct 3, at 6 pm

Keynote Speaker: John Ascher American Museum of Nature History

Held in the UMASS Campus Center, Amherst, MA
Presenters included: Sam Droege, Dave Wagner, John Ascher, Lynn Adler, Rebecca E. Irwin,
Anne Averill, Dan Conlon, Howard S. Ginsberg, Robert P. Jean, John Losey
Elizabeth Johnson, Edward Toth, Kevin Matteson, Eric Mader, Dr. Jeff S. Pettis
Dolores A. Savignano, Cory S. Sheffield, Ellen Sousa, Kimberly Stoner, Nan Vance,
Susan Cloutier, organizer: cloutier@tiac.net

Pollinator Links

Using green landscaping practices, as called for in U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Director’s Order 144, Greening the Service Through Environmental Leadership, helps protect pollinators by using native plants and reducing pesticide use.

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