Dragonflies and Damselflies – Summer is finally here!

12-spotted_Skimmer grayscale

12-spotted Skimmer

Summer is finally here and there is no better way to connect with our natural world than explore the marvels of the insects around us.  This summer we will feature two groups of insects to learn more about Dragonflies and Moths. May 31st we’ll kick off with a Workshop on the Dragonfly and Damselflies of North Quabbin. This series will allow  participants to become familiar with the basics of dragonfly and damselfly identification, life history and  how to observe photograph and enjoy the jewels of the insect world.This series is free to ABNC members and a $5.00 donation is asked of non-members.

Introduction to Odes workshop 2014 poster

Of  special interest will be our Dragonflies and damselflies for families with Rachel Roberts and volunteers. Crafts and games for kids of all ages will be followed by a trip to Silver lake here in Athol for some hands on  experience in catching carefully holding and releasing dragonflies. Dragonflies are safe and fun to hold and in my mind the tactile experience of carefully holding a live animal, looking into the multifaceted eyes and watching it take flight can’t be beat.

Dragonflies for families 2014

So join us for some summer fun and excitement.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Rusty Snaketail on the Millers River

Next I’ll post about all the nighttime fun we can have right in our own backyard. Come over to the Darkside and learn about the nocturnal world of moths….. Several events are planned for this summer…


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