ABNC Officers

President-Acting Executive Director: Dave Small,

Vice President: Ernie LeBlanc

Treasurer: Wanda Roguski

Membership Secretary: Sarah Mildren

Development Director: Sarah Mildren

Millers River Environmental Center coordinator: Paul Goyetche

Geology Division Leader: Paul Kachinsky
Geology Division Clerk: Chris Coyle


Christine Becket Long
Chris is an avid botanist and trip leader, founding president of the North Quabbin Garden Club and writes and distributes press releases for ABNC and MREC events

Joan and Lawrence Duprey
Joan and Larry are retired military veterans, avid birders and trip leaders for the Club. Joan organizes the club’s many field trips while Larry acts as recording secretary and schedules speaking programs for the monthly meetings

Lula Field
Lula is an accomplished naturalist. A trip leader, kayaker, botanist and moth enthusiasts.

Charles Hartwell
Charles is a retired sales executive for Alcatel-Lucent. The Hartwell’s are managers of the Family Business L.P. Athol a large factory complex offering low-cost hydropower to its tenants.

Cindy Hartwell
Cindy is the retired account director for Alcatel-Lucent. Both she and Charles are avid naturalists.

Susan Heinricher
Susan owns and operates a daycare facility in Orange and is an accomplished gardener and amateur naturalist. Susan coordinated the annual Garden Tour wildlife habitat program.

Bob Mallet
Bob is an avid birder and naturalist frequently recording the happenings in the Cass Meadow Conservation Area.

John O’Keefe
John is a researcher and the former director of Harvard Forest’s Fisher Museum in Petersham, MA.

Ann Spring
Avid birder and naturalist. Anne volunteers for many of the club’s outreach activities.

Heidi Strictland
Gardener and enthusiastic lover of nature. Weekly volunteer at the Center

Paul Goyetche
Volunteer building coordinator, Garden enthusiast, artist