MREC Meeting Rooms


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Two rooms at the Center are available for the use of various local groups by arrangement.

The East Room is smaller (20 people) and the West Room is larger (40 people) and has a kitchen facility.
Both rooms are on the first floor and are accessible. They can be arranged to meet multiple needs with stackable chairs and Folding tables.


West Room

  • Full Day: $125
  • Half Day: $75
  • To arrange catered meals in the West Room: $20

East Room

  • Full Day $75
  • Half Day $ 35

Guided Tour of the Natural History Collection

  • Two hours: $30 (or $2/person)

Specialty Programs at Center

  • Full Day: $200
  • Half Day: $100

roomsContact us for further information:

Phone: 978-248-9491

There are additional fees for some programs and a sliding scale is available based on your needs.