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Dave and Dale Journal

In the Fall of 2019, a new video series was introduced by ABNC president Dave Small and noted author and photographer Dale Monette. With help from Shane Brown, Bonnie Benjamin, and Carol Courville of AOTV the series is progressing and now covers many topics of natural history interest. The goal is to tape a new program for release each month touching on topics following the seasonal shifts in wildlife activity. ABNC and MREC also will be hosting many programs and events with our partners and when available we will also post these programs on this page.  Follow the links below for some of the current programs. Please support AOTV  for all the great community programming they offer.  If you have a program suggestion or have an interesting photo or video to share email

Dave and Dales Nature Journal

Early Migrant Birds  

That time of year is upon us, Join Dave and Dale as we look at just a few of the returning birds to the North Quabbin Region. Get out stay safe, stay separated and wear a mask when around others.

Vernal Pool Critters  

Both Dave and Dale have been looking at Vernal Pool Critters our whole lives. Working at DCR we were able to spend time investigating some of the common and some less common species in or area. Join us as we explore the awakening of spring in our vernal pools.

The Annual Christmas Bird Count 

For more than 50 years members of the Athol Bird and Nature Club have conducted the National Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Learn what the group found on the December 14th, 2019 count.

Restoring Bald Eagles in Massachusetts

Both Dave and Dale spent much of their professional life working for the Department of Conservation and Recreation at the picturesque Quabbin Reservoir. Hear about their first-hand perspective on the successful reintroduction of the majestic Bald Eagles in Massachusetts.

Royalston’s Eagle Reserve

Home to nesting Eagles, as well as beavers, otters, and a host of wildlife, Mount Grace’s Eagle Reserve is a 139-acre mix of woods, wetlands, and open water that is now open to the public. The short video below by Paul Rezendes offers a virtual tour of one of the North Quabbin’s most breathtaking places.

Webinars the new Virtual Spring

Introduction to Moth Watching

why not join ABNC president Dave small for an introduction in attracting and watching moths in your socially distancing backyard. Learn how to use lights and bait to attract moths and get a glimpse of some of the moths you might encounter on a warm June evening

Massachusetts Turtles webinar

Join State Herpetologist Mike Jones for a great discussion of Massachusetts Turtles as ABNC hosts its first combination Zoom meeting and webinar. Mikes Talk will be recorded for future reference. Mike is interested in the ecology and conservation of North American biodiversity. He is especially interested in reptiles, amphibians, conifers, and alpine ecosystems. Mike is currently the State Herpetologist for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) and adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Antioch University New England, where he has taught Conservation Biology and Continental Ecology.

Intro to Butterfly Watching

Helpful resources for Butterfly Watching

The PowerPoint PDF can be viewed here

Join ABNC president Dave Small for an “Introduction to Butterfly Watching”  webinar. Be ready as temperature warm and butterflies begin to emerge, any days that are sunny and 60 degrees will bring out butterflies. We’ll cover the life cycle, Identification terminology, best equipment to bring (binoculars and camera) and the families of butterflies you can encounter here in the North Quabbin.

Introduction to
Dragonflies and Damselflies

“An introduction to observing and Identifying Dragonflies and Damselflies”
Join Athol Bird and Nature Club president Dave Small for a 1 hour +/- presentation titled “An introduction to observing and Identifying Dragonflies and Damselflies” The presentation is geared for the beginner but will be a good refresher for more experienced observers. Beginning with a discussion on the origins and life history of the Dragons and Damsels followed by a look at the families encountered in Massachusetts with some hints on where to find them. The timing of this presentation is designed to get you ready for the beginning of dragonfly emergence in Mid-May. Sponsored by the Athol Bird and Nature Club and hosted by the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust.

Odonate Resource Guide


Odonate Central:
Dragonfly ID app for IOS and Android
Dragonfly ID features bar charts built from the OdonataCentral database of sightings, recent sightings submitted to OdonataCentral displayed on maps, crowd-sourced text, images and more. Status and distribution information for odonates in North America. Download from the Apple App store or Google Play store…

Northeast Odonata (Facebook)

Historical Massachusetts information of Odonates:  1994 – 2006

A Selection of Massachusetts Dragonflies and Damselflies

Field Guide to MA Dragonflies & Damselflies:

Damselflies of the Northeast, Ed Lam Out of print worth searching for.
Ed Lams ‘s Website

Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East (Princeton Field Guides Book 80) by Dennis Paulson

Dragonflies and Damselflies: A Natural History by Dennis Paulson

Dragonfly Nymphs of North America: An Identification Guide 1st ed. 2019 Edition

BioQuip Insect related equipment, Nets, etc.

TED Talk on Migrating Dragonflies:

Talks sponsored by ABNC
and our partners

Mount Grace Land Trust
Citizen Science Webinars

Forest Carbon: An essential natural solution for climate change
Foresty Carbon Poster